Icon Balaclava

$135.00 inc GST

FIA Approved – SFI Approved
  • Ultra-lightweight for comfort
  • Made from fire-resistant Nomex
  • Designed for a snug fit under racing helmets
  • Optimal for professional racing conditions

Fire-Resistant Certified
Made from high-quality Nomex fabric, the ‘Icon’ balaclava offers exceptional fire resistance, meeting and exceeding all safety standards.

Feather-Light Comfort
Being the lightest balaclava in our range, the Icon range ensures you barely feel it while wearing it, allowing you to focus solely on the race.

Breathable Design
Engineered for optimal airflow and the regulation of temperature. This undergarment will keep you cool under the helmet.

Snug Fit
Designed to fit comfortably under any racing helmet, the ‘Icon’ balaclava provides a snug fit without being constrictive.